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No—Mythlande did not always exist, there was a time when space was a vast frontier fully exploited and occupied by trillions of species and intelligent beings of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Technology ruled all space.  It was after an accident occurred on a Reliquii Artifact found floating in deep space that the Six Realms of Mythlande as we know it now became the new existence. After this accident, reality changed for all. Mythlande was created in an instant. The event that occurred was called the Transformation.  There are many that still remember this event clearly. These beings are called the Immortals by some though that is a stretch since they all can experience the final death. Suffice it to say, they are longed lived and their memories are still quite clear even after so many millennia.

This is a story before the Transformation, before the cataclysmic event that changed all existence forever.

By Kit Gaumé

An extremely pitted and laser scarred GuardMech hunched up instantly, gears grinding loudly from the sudden effort. The imposing metallic figure seemed more deadly in the red gloom. Lights blinked here and there around his metallic torso. The alerted GuardMech uttered a simple command "Stop Stop” from its monotone voice box. The metallic voice boomed towards an advancing group of ShovelHead GA that was rambling up the hill. Scanning the crowd quickly with an IdentPulse, the GuardMech looked directly at one ShovelHead in particular and asked. “I Read Read you as Edge HardLink … Where are you, and all of your expiring Blue Sun GA MinerBots headed to in such a Hurry Hurry? Did you somehow forget that all expiring MinerBots such as yourself and this mining crew, are to mandatorily check-in at LoadSquare today? Do you not want the chance for ReLife Eye Chips? Not that any of you Retro GA would be deemed worthy enough." The large GuardMech must of thought this was funny because it laughed for several S Cycles.

The huge red GuardMech held his massive armored hand up in the Stop Stop position, to block their forward progress. Weapon systems started targeting each robot. Whirring noises and solenoid clicking sounds seemed quite loud on the lonely hill. The heavily weaponized GuardMech towered over all the huddled ShovelHeads that had gathered, and ShovelHeads are quite large compared to most Retro GA kinds. GuardMechs were not noted for polite conversation or deviating from any normal policy, they went by strict Code Code. The first ShovelHead to speak was a newer model ShovelHead. He yelled an insult about "dirty grease ports or something" then added, "do not disrespect our ClanLeader diode brain!” The GuardMech pointed some type of a powerful weapon at this young impertinent.
Edge HardLink Button
Edge HardLink Button
by mythlande
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The leader stepped up and turned to briefly stare at his younger companion, and silenced any more comments by the MinerBot with a single hard look. “He was Edge HardLink of the Blue Sun GA and ClanLeader of the ShovelHeads, and he would handle this situation.” He looked around briefly at his fellow mining comrades and then said with a certain amount of aplomb, "GuardMech, my humble apologies, Please Please excuse my rash younger crew member, this is his first upside in three years, I fear the fresh air and open space has rattled his courtesy protocol. Anyway, we were Tasked Tasked by OverBoss, to gather up all old ShovelHead parts, especially any parts with any Eye Chips or Eye Chip Retaining Rings from the abandoned recycle depot. We were told we must Hurry Hurry, and bring back all parts we can carry in 5 H Cycles. This must take place before ReLife ceremony begins or we will all be punished severely!”

The war-hardened GuardMech must have liked the word 'punished' because he laughed again, then he asked to see a Pass Pass authorization for verification. HardLink nodded and said frankly, “Of course we have Pass Pass authorization, but why do you Stop Stop us? Where else can we Go Go on this small speck of mineral? We must hurry before allotted Time Time is used!” The impatient GuardMech just glared and said very disrespectfully “Brite-Link your Pass Pass authorization and you can proceed HardLink, if and only if, protocol passes Check Check verification.” The Blue Sun GA ClanLeader shook his dented and dinged metal head slightly. HardLink seemed to sigh, then spoke using a much more respectful tone, a tone more suited to his subroutine status “Apologies GuardMech, we do not have Brite-Link capability, we are just lowly ShovelHeads, but we do have Touch Touch capabilities if that will do?” The GuardMech just nodded Yes Yes, then held out his fist in the knuckle Share Share position. The banged-up ClanLeader duplicated the GuardMech’s fist protocol and sent the Pass Pass authorization code as instructed. As soon as the two Mechanicals touched, the GuardMech realized something was terribly wrong, but before he could react, his Eye Chips went Dark Dark. One of the ShovelHeads in the crowd started murmuring and panicking until Edge turned and spoke calmly. “We must all catch a ride my friends, other than the one being offered by the Red Sun GA's Slaver Droids at LoadSquare, it is a final ride that I do not want to Take Take. I know of a better Mode Mode of transportation, if we can outrun these murdering Red Sun GA, for at least 60 M Cycles more!"

The lone protestor in the gathered crowd, started to object again “We will lose the right to ReLife for this protocol blunder ClanLeader, I am going to Send Send a transmission to the OverBoss, maybe if we return fast enough, the Red Sun Ga will not melt us down like sla— ” Another ShovelHead stepped up behind the disgruntled MinerBot and quietly removed a small Disk Disk from the outspoken ShovelHead’s back. All the other ShovelHeads shook their heads in an approving manner. Many started saying how they felt about the misguided fellow miner, “I think BoulderCap actually believed he was going to get a ReLife Eye Chip!” The talk went on for a few M Cycles, then HardLink spoke again. “We must hurry friends, I do not believe we have Time Time to express all of our thoughts right now. Protocols Loop Loop, we must Move Move!

The beat up and well-used metallic MinerBots started trudging after their ClanLeader, two Shovelheads stooped down and picked up BoulderCap and carried him as well, though they wondered why they should bother. Some suggested he be left behind, but HardLink would not allow it. The Shovelhead ClanLeader was the only one that knew where they were all going. They all nervously followed but were anticipating and wondering where a huge cargo spaceship could be hiding on this small planetary asteroid.

  As the closely huddled ShovelHeads walked, HardLink recalled again a Vid Vid that had recently become activated in his memory circuits, a memory from four Y Cycles ago it seemed … it was a puzzle he could not figure out.

These particular Vid Vid memory circuits seemed fuzzy sometimes, but very important. The Vid Vid memory had a strange biologic in it named Hal, he was one of the ancient ArQai. The flying man had leathery looking wings and wore a long black leather coat of all things. He could fly like a Kha’lor but did not wear the horribly twisted visage, deadly horns, and a smashing tail that could crush metal like paper. The strange flying man talked about something called a Rel Stellindar, something made by a race called the Reliquii or First Lineage. Hal did not Say Say what this Rel thing did or why it was so important. He just said that “he appreciated the location information from so long ago, and had expected to make a payment for this information, but was saddened that this is what he was asked to do. I don't want to leave you here, ugh …...HardLink! You are one of the few remaining AMI enhanced GA from the oldest 'Ever era, you are not like these new creations the GA scientist mangled together. You and your kind’s strengths and wisdom will be missed by all GA. There are other places to seek refuge, besides this floating rock where no help can be given, but you do what you must.
The terror they have unleashed is mortifying, you do what you must. Hiding in plain sight. They won't believe it." He then reiterated, “it is important for you to remember this cavern because one day the entire GA race may depend on it. This memory will not activate until your Expiration Warning is thirty D Cycles from your End Date, hopefully, it activates, or all the true heritage of your kind, I fear, will be lost forever.”

The ArQai spoke on about GA things that even HardLink did not know or understand, “HardLink, these new Sun GA are very troubling. It distresses me greatly that so many of the Blue Sun GA ClanLeaders have blindly signed over the Blue Sun GA to a potential catastrophe. Giving the Red Sun Ga so much military power over Blue Sun GA affairs, after all that has gone on, is lunacy. I believe all the Sun GA will regret this, you cannot appease a tyrant with surrender … ahh … so frustrating to see this occur my old friend. You have to remember Bol...uh—Edge, that we do not always control our own fate. We are both free willed sentients, but that means little if leaders, no matter the good intention, give their people's free will away to others that are uncaring and malicious. GA ClanLeaders gamble away everything on these new GA SupremeLeaders. These new leaders are not like other GA Leaders, they are not like you HardLink or the other leaders like yourself that are wisely hiding until this dark age fades away. These new and improved GA consider all older GA as garbage! That is a mistake that hopefully one day they will realize because, without the Retro GA and the enhanced AMI capable GA, your society, and the GA's very existence would not be here today. I know my duty is to locate the End-Date removal code. It won't be easy. The 'Evers are not happy with GA kind right now. To tell the truth, I'm not either. But, I do have allies with these immortal humans. This protocol code is the best way to break the Red Sun GA's hold on all the other GAs.
These are violent, unpredictable, and extremely arrogant new leaders. They are not the peaceful Sun GA, I know so well. These new upstarts want to control everything, they will not listen to their own underlings. They should appreciate their ClanLeaders below them, but they do not. The old Vids Vids we have of these new GA OverLords, back when they were GA warriors, are terrifying. They would kill a rival GA warrior whenever they felt they had the advantage. Your own ClanLeaders back home didn’t believe this at first. These new GA continually fought with each other, when they should've been fighting the real GA enemies that infiltrated your worlds. These new SupremeLeaders are not as they seem my dear old friend.
But, in any case, you know that. I checked over the emergency escape route from this flying rock, and when you are ready to leave, you must make it to the NoDoc hills here.” Hal pointed to a glowing hologram map, “Memorise this location in case you and your small Clan of RetroBots feel the need to leave quickly. You must take this tunnel to find this cavern. A special doorway has to activate … and it will only activate once you enter the cavern, it is keyed to you only. The escape route will lead to the very place you found me so many Y Cycles ago. Hopefully, there, you will find the help you will need. I will do my best to find the 'Evers you instructed me to find and the needed supplies that will change the End-Dates. You have 5 Y Cycles to endure this place, getting what you need may take that long as well. If all goes as planned, the things you will require will be waiting for you. I wish I could talk to you more about it, but I can’t at this time. I also want to ask you a question my metal hide friend. Do you remember when we first met?”

“No.” HardlLink replied puzzled.

The ArQai smiled but seemed sad. “ Then, that is a good thing! I will just say that you must remember that you are different than most GA here, and one day, another memory will come back to you, I cannot say more. Just suffice it to say … you are different. You have always seen things in a unique way my friend, I just hate leaving you here like this, and so powerless, no matter the promise I swore to you.”

The Vid Vid memory would always stop right there, vague and blurry. Leaving HardLink more confused than ever.

Over the course of thousands of D Cycles and through many, many Y Cycles, the universe had changed for the GA. The Red Sun GA were absolute rulers over all other Sun GAs now. Some of the new Sun GA SupremeLeaders had become absolute tyrants and murderers of their own GA kind. Of course, the Red Sun GA SupremeLeader denies these so-called horrendous accusations of mass killings and slavery. These horrific GA, they use erratic Logic Logic and condone the use of blatant Dark Dark to any that oppose them.

How did it all happen? The old RetroBot wondered as he walked quickly up towards NoDoc hill, followed closely by his fellow ShovelHeads.

At first, many many years ago… the new Sun GA warriors seemed like heroes to all GA kind, and they actually were. They were rescuing GA settlements from the insane space pirates and the vicious rampaging horned and winged creatures called the Kha’lor. The frightening Kha’lor beast held territory that bordered vast boundaries of GA controlled space, and they liked adding territory as they pleased. The pirates had 'Ever AMI spacecraft that could instantly appear and disappear at will. The horned creatures had warships that were light years faster and more heavily armored than any GA vessels as well. One day a Red Sun GA OverLord announced a new type of spaceship that could fly as fast as any pirate vessel, it was a new robot type, called a GA Psy-Borg. This new breed of GA was designed with stolen 'Ever AMI Wet Chip technology. These Psy-Borgs could propel ships from one place to another instantly just like the 'Ever built AMI ships. They were a liquid-solid form GA, except for the Eye Chip area, which stayed hard. Their capabilities matched the old GA Leaders. They could change their physical shape or form with a simple Command Command. These new fighter Psy-Borgs destroyed many of the awful pirates and Kha’lor warships by the thousands. All GA kind rejoiced at the victories!
But, the SupremeLeaders of the Red Sun GA underestimated the ability and cruelty of the new fighter GA, many GA started to call these killers, Tin Heads. A demeaning name once used by the humans for RobotKind.’
When all the outside threats were seemingly gone, the Tin Heads turned their destructive power against the GA SupremeLeaders, OverLords, and all the ClanLeaders of the Red Sun Ga. Then they went after the seven other primary Sun GA leaders. The Tin Heads exterminated many Sun GA OverLords within 100 D Cycles, though most were able to escape with their SupremeLeaders. Then they started fighting amongst themselves. This battle took a very long time. All other GA tried to just stay out of the way of this internal civil war. Within a hundred Y Cycles, the old GA masters were replaced throughout GA space, the ones that were wise enough and had fled were the ones that survived the Dark Dark Extermination.
Out of the thousands and thousands of Psy-Borgs that started the coup, only a hundred or so of these Psy-Borg GA survived the infighting. The main problem now, they were now turning Dark Dark too. The old Red Sun GA OverLord scientist had built a failsafe into the Psy-Borg factories. All new GA: robots, droids, mechs, and the new Psy-Borgs were created with an expiration date encoded directly into the Eye Chip itself. It was this very extreme tactic the long-lived 'Evers had used against Self-Aware or AMI designed GA or MechBot. It was the End-Date policy that caused the GA to uprise against the 'Evers so many, many generations ago. And now it was being used by GA against GA! Even the automated FactoryBots that were creating these Psy-Borgs had expiration dates imprinted into their Logic Logic.

It was discovered that the original prototypes for these AMI enhanced Eye Chips, were not imprinted with this death date. Less than a thousand of these, prototype AMI Eye Chips existed. A secret mission led by a contingent of Orange Sun GA AssassinBots gathered hundreds of the Ami Eye Chipsets before the remaining Tin Heads found them. One lone surviving AssassinBot smuggled out these Eye Chips and hid them somewhere safe in Green Sun GA space before he was finally captured and killed. This cache of AMI enhanced Eye Chips was never found but clues were left.

These hidden AMI enhanced Eye Chips were vastly different from the Red Sub GA's mass-produced products used in the original fighter Psy-Borg manufacture. Many whispered that these Eye-Chips were actually 'Ever made. Ironically, eight of these AMI Eye Chips and Eye Rings were found at the factory marked 'DANGER UNTESTED'.
Fighting among the surviving Psy-Borgs ensued again. Eight of the strongest Tin Heads were able to wrest control of the remaining AMI powered Eye-Chips. After the Eye Chip hardware were installed. Five Tin Heads regained the same GA awareness and protocol appreciation for GA life that all previous AMI enhanced GA Leaders had possessed. But unfortunately, not all. Some Eye-Chips had logic and emotion errors but possessed computational abilities that made them intellectually superior in many ways. These Psy-Borgs were now more cunning, and they pretended to comply with the original GA protocol, to be something they weren't. One of these damaged Tin heads took over the Red Sun GA, which still had vast resources, and still controlled the most powerful military in all GA space. But, the war had crippled the vast Red Sun GA spaceship fleet, and now there were no fighter Psy-Borg pilots left to fly the powerful teleportation fighter ships. The old GA space fleet was recalled back into action again.

The Kha’lor sensing weakness with the GA, began to prey upon the GA territories again and again.

There were only eight Tin Head SupremeLeaders left, out of the thousands and thousands of these Psy-Borgs that were originally created. Many illogical GA, felt the eight were pre-ordained for GA rule, to replace the older and now missing SupremeLeaders. Each Tin Head OverLord took over a Sun Ga Clan. There was no resistance. The White, The Black, The Red, The Orange, The Yellow, The Green, The Blue, and The Purple. Sadly, this began the age of the new Purge Purge.

A movement interrupted Edge HardLink’s thoughts, the younger Shovelhead that had spoken up to the Security Mech, strode up next to HardLink and asked: “Are we almost there yet?”

For some reason, that question seemed extremely funny to the leader and he “Chuckled!” The younger Shovelhead seemed confused. HardLink spoke “Yes Yes! We are almost there LightLoad, just beyond that old wall at the top of the hill is a trail that leads down into a crevice, then a narrow tunnel leads to a large underground cavern. We should be there within 20 M Cycles or so. One question LightLoad. Why did you come with us? Your Expiration Date is many, many, years away.” The young Shovelhead nodded happily. “When I told JackBoss about you older Retro’s and some plan to avoid the ReLife ceremony, he said ‘the old stories are true, there is a real ship, big enough for everyone brave enough to try to escape! If it can be found on this floating junk pile.’ I knew you must have found it, I wanted to see what space travel was like, to experience freedom, even if it's just an S Cycle—I wanted to see something other than Dorad's dust and the everlasting darkness of the mining tunnels!”

HardLink went really cold inside. JackBoss had never been informed about this escape idea, or what this group had been planning. HardLink looked at LightLoad and said quietly “Turn Turn around quickly” instantly LightLoad turned around, and when he did, HardLink removed the Disk Disk from LightLoad’s back and held up the hand sign for danger … all Shovelheads stopped, quietly. Hard Link motioned everyone close. "We have been compromised! I believe that LightLoad may have been Back-Linked."
All the old robots stared at LightLoad menacingly. HardLink held up his scarred metallic hands and said “It was not LightLoad’s doing, it was JackBosses! Everyone Help Help carry LightLoad. We must Hurry Hurry."
ShovelHeads can move quickly when needed, and they moved very fast now. When they got to the top of NoDoc hill and looked back down the way they had marched, they could all see several large Red Sun Ga WarMech Ships heading their way, and a domed city glistened in the very far distance. HardLink just said “Hurry Hurry friends!” Down the trail, they went as fast as their sure-footed treads would allow. The debris strewn crevice was there like Hal had shown. Edge motioned everyone to a gigantic pile of mining junk. Behind some old deteriorating mining claw scoops, HardLink hesitated an S Cycle then pushed one scoop out of the way, and exposed a tunnel entrance, one by one they quickly entered. BoulderCap and LightLoad had to be carried awkwardly in the tight tunnel so they could fit. HardLink and several others hurriedly pulled the heavy metal mining scoop back to hide the tunnel again.

Several M Cycles later deep rumblings shook the ground around them. The WarMech transport ships were landing on the hill above the tunnel. Fortunately, the WarMechs were much too large to walk inside these tunnels so, it would give them more time to get to this cavern. Several M Cycles later another noise could now be heard. A high-pitched sonic scream, that seemed to penetrate everything. The awful noise reverberated through the stone. This sound if close enough, can paralyze most GA in their tracks and even turn some GA Dark Dark—dead. The only creature that could make that sonic blast was a Screamer GA-Droid, and they could fit in this tunnel very easily.
“Well!” HardLink said, “We are miners, why don’t we Block Block this tunnel?” A couple MinerBots stopped and turned back up the trail a short way. They then proceeded to use their mining knowledge quite well. It only took a few M Cycles to block the tunnel with tons of rock. HardLink was impressed. They moved down the tunnel faster. Several M Cycles later, the high pitch sonic blast of the Screamer GA-Droid started again but greatly muffled much to everyone's relief.

Oh … it started slowly enough, like a gentle paint stroke from an artist’ brush, but then this brush became a brutal hammer, a giant pulverizing force to destroy all logical thought and sane opposition into space dust … slowly, but steadily, all free will GA became chained slaves or worse. Many opponents of Purge Purge became Dark Dark by the Red Sun GA’s vicious new policies used against all GA.

Fear became a weapon that the Red Sun GA waved constantly. At first, it was claimed that some Purge Purge programs would help all GA become a more unified force to fight their enemies!

The free times seem like a moment ago or like an eternity ago for the GA. How did these seemingly trustworthy GA SupremeLeaders enslave us so easily? They just used mere words back then, it seemed like pure Logic Logic, at first, but then, "Purge Purge programming will be expanded, and will, change our lowly lives!" Red Sun GA OverLord proclaimed it so, and his GA OverLords, started to make it happen. The maniacal Red Sun GA was so right, it did change all GA lives.

Over the years the Kha’lor became more brazen again and started attacking certain high valued targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The pirate bands came into GA inner planets, ransacking and enslaving many GA, always a step ahead of the GA military. The Red Sun GA SupremLeader requested all GA military be under his command, to better strike the enemy. The other Sun GA SupremeLeaders reluctantly complied. All the other Sun GA’s sent their Military Fleets to help. Over time, a pattern emerged, only five Sun GA homeworld areas were ever attacked, by then it was too late. The GA people were compromised by treason from the inside. The Red Sun Ga SupremeLeader proclaimed himself as SupremeOverLord, He would rule over all the GA, and now he had all the GA military at his disposal.

The Red Sun GA had secretly aligned with the Black Sun GA and the Purple Sun GA. Even back then, the largest sectors of GA space territories had been controlled by the Red Sun GA and their allies. Allies, which now included GA enemies: The dreaded space pirates and the might of the Horned Kha’lor. The Red Sun GA became the de facto ruler of all GA worlds.

The Purge Purge programming became even more intense after this, and much more brutal. Out of the eight Sun GA Clans, only the Blue and the Green refused to exterminate or turn over the ancient ones, the Retro GA. Retro GA from every clan began to flee into Blue and Green Sun GA space. These two Sun GAs became outcast and many were brutally attacked and hunted down to become enslaved or Dark Dark. Many of the remaining OverLords and ClanLeaders escaped before they could be tried for treason, along with most of their Model Numbers. The poor ancient robots and mechanoids were deemed expendable. Considered untrustworthy, because their Eye-Chips were built by the so-called immortal—enemy! The 'Evers. This was a lie as well because all Eye-Chips were created from the 'Ever design and programming.

At one time in the long distant past, the Blue Sun GA and the Green Sun GA had protected "Ever and humankind and allied themselves with them, against GA retaliation against End-Dates. The Blue and the Green Sun GA became the single focus now of the Purge Purge. Because of something, done ages ago. That no GA had been with this old enemy in over three thousand years was discarded. The excuse that they were traitors in the past was used as the fodder for new Purge Purge pogroms. The other GA turned on these Two Ancient Sun GA. Now, the two oldest Sun GA races were considered a disgrace for daring to defend Retro GA.
These ancient metallic outcast were often non-fully operational bots, seemingly always missing a part here and there. A Hodgepodge of assorted metalness and plastics. The so-called proper GA called them an embarrassment to all GA kind! Some of the lowest GA forms hurled insults at the oldest part of GA heritage like it was somehow honorable to be so dishonorable to their own lineage. The excuses used to make such disparaging rhetoric against the original GA were many, the most common were: "These GA were given human attributes, less severe Expiration Dates, some were even given AMI abilities! These all must be hunted down. Only GA with GA designed ability would be allowed to function. All others would be given an opportunity for ReLife Eye Chips. The extermination of the Blue Sun GA and Green Sun GA seemed inevitable. But something happened in deep space, on the boundaries between Kha’Lor and Pirate humans. A new enemy resurfaced.
The 'Evers, the superhumans of their kind and their advanced technology were at war with the Kha’lor, which pulled in their metal allies, the more-than-willing GA.
The Purge Purge program was put on hold. The Red Sun Ga considered the poor pathetic Retro GA worthless in the fight, so the new GA condemned these defenseless brothers and sisters to the mandatory recycling yard or drudgery work—and sometimes Dark Dark. All the GA were told that these older GA were a waste of GA's valuable resources, even though they had been around for many many millennia and performed many tasks no other GA could ever do. Retro GA were not allowed ReLife Chips without SupremeOverLord's permission.

All 'Ever sentient Eye-Chips were slowly being replaced by ReLife Eye-Chips. But over time, other Sun Ga started to resist these ReLife rules as well, when they realized they were not allowed ReLife Eye Chips as frequently as the Red, Black and Purple GA … many remaining old leaders of the other GA were going Dark Dark, the eternally long 'Ever Expiration dates were coming due.

The ShovelHeads marched down the dark tunnel hurriedly and finally came to a large open hole that was just off the main path. HardLink pointed at the perfectly formed opening, “This is where we must go!” A large blasting sound could be heard up the tunnels, and then a sonic scream, then another and another … could be heard very clearly now. The Screamer had companions, and they were coming fast! HardLink looked at the hole briefly, then started attaching different mining accessories to his arms and torso. The leader spoke urgently, “we need to go down this hole quickly!” Spikes hammered into the surrounding rock with hydraulic tools. A large coil of steel rope went through an eye hook, then it was connected to the young limp form of LightLoad, he was lowered into the hole first, with another GA riding down with him. The Screamers were getting louder. The coil went loose and was reeled back up again. HardLink spoke commandingly, “we need to seal this tunnel again, now! Quickly, so we have time.” The two largest ShovelHeads turned back up the way they had come and started doing what they knew best, carving rock like a cake. Shortly The screaming became muted again behind more tons of well place rock!
One by one, they went down into the abyss, that held a dream. HardLink was the last one to go down into the blinding darkness. The ShovelHeads could see perfectly well in the darkness, but it seemed oppressive, like a giant stone placed on the center of the mind.

There was a loud pounding in the tunnel above, then a large sudden explosion could be heard … the Screamers would be on them before they could escape!

The cavern was huge and empty. HardLink was relieved to be standing on solid rock, but then he began to feel dizzy for some reason and almost stumbled. He was closest to the Screamers affect. He caught himself before he fell. Another ShovelHead named LargeFist steadied him. Others in the group started to mumble, “So close to escaping, to only Fail Fail! More of the Screaming penetrated the cavern. “Wheres the ship HardLink?” Then another voice spoke, “We are doomed to Dark Dark! They are coming and there is no escape, there is no ship here!?”

HardLink answered strongly above the murmuring, “I know it's down here somewhere, it must be, my friends!” HardLink started seeing images in his mind now, an avalanche of knowledge hidden until the right moment slid into his mind. It was a cascade of information, that threatened to overload all his circuits. Suddenly, blue lights began to trickle on around the cavern, and flicker in some type of geometric pattern. HardLink felt different, felt power not felt in years, he was stronger … he started to remember things forgotten so long ago.

One of the Screamer GA-Droid killers arrived at the dark opening first, its' many metal arms finding the steel rope in the hole and it started going down silently. The blue lights suddenly coming on startled the Screamer, and it made a slight noise in alarm before it was ready. The one it was hunting, was standing at the bottom of the rope it was descending from. It was about to leap and attack the ShovelHead, but something was changed, the prey seemed different somehow! Dangerous? Not the simple ShovelHead victim it had been sent to destroy. The Screamer killing machine started climbing back up the rope as fast as it could. HardLink looked up, and struck the enemy with a simple mental blast that hurled the Screamer into the rocks like an out of control missile. The Screamer became nothing more than a puddle of molten metal. Then HardLink pulled with this new awareness in his mind. The other two Screamers became ensnared in some forcefield and were pulled down through the hole as well, and then sent crashing into the wall with their Dark Dark Companion. These Screamers would never harm again.

All the ShovelHeads were staring at HardLink in amazement and disbelief, then they all started to kneel.

HardLink was still trying to figure out what was going on.

How had he destroyed the Screamers with his mind? Why is everyone kneeling?

The lights were now a blinding blue whirlwind of brightness. Memories and more memories flooded back into HardLink’s mind, then he muttered awkwardly, in a strange voice, a strong but … motherly voice? I am Queen Bolin GA! Rightful SupremeLeader of the Blue Sun GA. Follow me for ReLife! Follow me … my old friends, I know a place where these Expiration Dates will be put on hold. Follow me Clan, so we can save our kind … a strange round light opened into the air before them, a strange pulsating light entered the room from somewhere else, it lit up the huddled metal machines in its welcoming glow. It was an AMI teleportation gateway. The ancient Blue Sun GA Queen walked through, and the others followed inspired—heads bowed reverently … her devoted followers marched after their Queen, their long lost Queen. The AMI gateway closed …
Queen Bolin GA Button
Queen Bolin GA Button
by mythlande
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[ side note: The leaders of the GA were constructed of a liquid alloy that allows them to change shape at will. They also were created using advanced Eye-Chips that were made from AMI human D.N.A that had Telepathic and Teleportation attributes. They are quite formidable. ]

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