Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gli'myr Discussion

The Gli’myr (called a Dah' Jir in the Fae language which means Cast Aside-Unweilder) is a fascinating character in Mythlande.

These individuals are born to magical [Thre'shyr] parents, then they are sent as infants to a place called the Yhards located on the Circolian Ring for intense battle training. They are not considered an official Gli’myr until they can pass the Skrontinion Obstakann. Thirty days of intense physical and mental challenges. Only the top 10 percent are allowed into the Mho Biis De’fendyrs as a Gli’myr. They do not possess the ability to submit to the Hona Coire, but they are not weak, and they are not considered bladeless (non-magical beings) either. They affect the magic around them in natural ways. A well trained Gli’myr can stand up to most magical beings. They can cause magic users many problems just by being close to them. A strong Mala Coire Skracher may find themselves completely cut off from their source of magic in a Gli’myr’s presence or may find themselves unable to form a spell correctly. Skrachers that recognize a Gli’myr will quit directing magic at them but cast Skraches around them. Unfortunately, for evil magic users, a Gli’myr does not have a sign that says, “ I am here, and I will mess your spell up.”

Another trait they possess is the ability to see all the magic that is being created or has been used. No matter if it is Hona Coire (Orakann), Mala Coire (Nakaroo), or Draiyla (Fae Magic). A well trained Gli’myr can see the spell, who created it and in many cases follow the aura trail that is left no matter where it goes.

—Some people asked:

1. “Can a Gli’myr affect a Hona Coire user?”

Short answer - Yes. If a magic user directs a spell that is unsavory at the Gli’myr, the anti-magic defense will kick in. This ability saved many a Gli’myr from a supposed ally’s treachery.

2. “Are Zkha Nod just Kha’lor Gli’myrs?”

Basically - Yes. With a lot of buts. The Zhka Nod does not impact a magic user as strongly as the Gli’myr can. A strong magic user can still direct a spell at a Zhka Nod and inflict harm. They also cannot see the magic aura trails as clearly or as long.
Example: A Gli’myr can identify a spell that was used and knows generally what the intent of the magic spell is. A Zkha Nod can sense that a magic spell was formed but will not know what the purpose is in most cases.
Once a Gli’myr sees a spell cast by a magic user, that Gli’myr will always know that essence signature of that particular magic user. A Zkha Nod cannot do this.
Gli’myrs train as individuals, Zkha Nod train in groups of twelve. These Pahds of twelve stay together. If one fails, it is considered that they all failed. There are exceptions.
Gli’myrs can also detect objects that have magical abilities. A Zkha Nod will not see this as quickly, most won’t unless given time to study it.

3. “Do the Nakaroo have human types like a Gli’myr?”
That would be yes. These non-magic wielders are called Glyn’tyrs. Many have very high abilities to track essences and can impact a magic user. The problem is that many Glyn’tyrs are born sickly with limited endurance, the ones that have healthy bodies can be very deadly. A group of Pun’chyrs may show up and have a Glyn’tyr with them. The best Glyn'tyrs are Gli'myrs that failed and became attracted to the Mala Coire life.