Sunday, August 23, 2015


Thopz Button
Thopz Button
by mythlande
Ahh...the old porcupine-pigman character.
These guys are not-so-friendly, and they tend to be evildoers that like stealing from the misfortunate they meet. These characters live in the remote areas of Te'ir Huud and prefer wooded areas. They are not easy bacon either. These malcontents have poisonous spines/quills that can be cast like darts or a spear. With a flick of their skin, they can launch these deadly barbs.
These creatures also play a musical flute that emits a hypnotic musical note that can immobilize a victim for better muggery.

Thopz characters are introduced in the first book: WHEN DOORWAYS OPEN.

My talented niece sketched these awesome porcupine pigmen for me. They look rather unsavory and their demeanor looks, suspect. 
Thanks, August for the art contribution.