Sunday, August 23, 2015


Skargs—the poorly misunderstood labor pool for the Nakaroo.
These unlucky green under achievers face the brunt of everyone, and all they want is to be left alone to pursue their hobbies and interest. They like a sweet BBQ like everyone else. Something tasty and delicious.
Of course, their favorite meal consists of little creatures and children, but they will eat other things if they are aged right. A Skarg just wants a fair shake and to be treated fairly.
Pun'chyrs, always have a large group of these ne'er-do-well task doers nearby. The word Skarg must also mean expendable to many that use the Mala Coire Essences.
Skargs are plentiful in the Mythlande Series, maybe they just need a little compassion and understanding by the rest of us.

There are two types of Skargs, the larger ones are usually smarter and more cunning. They are called the Grunkha.

Head Imagination Miscreant - HIM
Kit Gaumé