Sunday, August 23, 2015

Skraen Doorway

A Skraen is a type of magic doorway that can open up between the boundaries of Mythlande. They usually occur when a faerie is in distress or is dreaming about a certain kind of landscape. They might be craving certain flower pollen and presto; a field full of flowers appears through a ragged uneven opening in the air. This opening is a Skraen and will stay open unless closed by a Ya'kyr. Skraens attract the Fae like a flame attracts insects on a pleasant summer night. Not all the fae are warm and fuzzy, there are many that delight in mischief or worse.

Ya'kyrs are the only beings that can close and open a Skraen on purpose. Ya'kyrs are a two-person team. A Hona Coire user and a Dei'lana companion. They are members of a Raen'jir team. The problem with opening a Skraen as opposed to a Thre'sh; is that a Skraen doorway is a random event, and no one can control where it will open to.

Head Imagination Miscreant - HIM,
Kit Gaumé