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The Zkha Nod

Zkha Nod (Ska NOD)

For those that have read the first book - When Doorways Open in the Mythlande Series, this icon should be familiar. It is the hand of a Zkha Nod Warrior holding a triton. There was a fight sequence that had Zkha Nod warriors involved.

What are the Zkha Nod?
The Zkha Nod are non-magical but affect magic, they are male Kha'lor born into magical families. They are considered Kha'lor outcast. If they survive the fighting pits they can become Zkha Nod Warriors. They are not considered Skrachless (non-magical) though. They are so dark red that they seem ashy. Unlike their Male royal relatives who are all a bright red. Only Kha'lor royal males have magic. ( Doesn't mean that the royal females are helpless though.)

Is that a magical triton?
There are some Zkha Nod warriors that do have weapons that contain types of the magical ilk. The Royals they swear allegiance to decide if they are worthy of such an expensive gift. A magical weapon like this would be called a Zraa'ked Triton. A Zraa'ked weapon can leave a crippling wound with the slightest scratch. 

What can Zkha Nod warriors do?
These warriors can repel or distort Hona Coire Essences, Mala Coire Essences, and the Fae's Draiyla but to the chagrin of the Royals are nowhere near the strength of a Gli'myr. It is why Zkha Nod are usually in fighting groups of twelve called a Pahd. Large numbers increase the ability to affect enemies magically.  These fearsome winged warriors can track magical essences, but have difficulty discerning certain types or even recognizing the purpose of the magic spell
Do Zkha Nod have groups or are they all just Zkha Nod individuals? 
The Zkha Nod are broken into Four types of war groups:
Pahds: [12] Twelve Zkha Nod Warriors
Rhungs: [144] One Hundred and Forty Four Zkha Nod Warriors
Rhungpahds: [1200] Twelve Hundred Zkha Nod Warriors
Rhungaht: Like a clan or society. The best fighters are usually found in the: The Fyst of Hohmaht" Rhungaht. 

The Zkha Nod are divided into [12] Twelve Rhungaht or clans:
01. Fyst of Hohmaht
02. Thundyr Warvhyn
03. Rugha Grahdt 
04. Cho Mhag 
05. Baar Ghalt 
06. Skabbo 
07. Buuh Zhen 
08. Fojhes 
09. Ohmpa Huhdt
10. Zhiin Zhiin 
11. Chii Nodt'ta
12. Qhi Qhi Dhra

Are Zkha Nod called anything else?
Yes...Horrid and kinda stinky. They do have an odor that would make any lizard aquarium proud. The Fae name for a Zkha Nod is Gea Zinka.

What is their Essense color?
The Zkha Nod does not possess an Essence color, they are not able to use any magical Essences directly, they can only affect other magic users abilities. 

Does anyone remember what happens to a Zkha Nod for failure?

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