Thursday, April 18, 2019

Nakaroo Skrachers

◙ The Nakaroo Skrachers use the Mala Coire Klaw Essences to wreak havoc throughout the Six Realms of Mythlande. There are also the Fae that are part of the Nakaroo Hordes. Fae can only use the Mala Draiyla which is a weaker form of the Klaw Essences. Skrachers submit to the direct source of magic, Fae can only use residues of the Mala Coire. Variant lines are where magic residues are strongest and these places can prevent a Skracher from submitting easily. Fae can be quite formidable on a Variant Line.

◙ There are eight types of Mala Coire, Klaw Essences that Skrachers use. Skrachers are users of the Mala Coire magic. Skrachers (Form) spells with Klaws of Essences.

Breath Essence = Rai'jyr       *[ The Fae name is Tross Tah ]
Mind Essences = Pun'chyr    *[ The Fae name is Nah Dihn ]
Eye Essences =  Hex'yr         *[ The Fae name is Grye Fer ]
Heart Essences = Ram'pyr    *[ The Fae name is Noz Zon ]
Tear Essences = Dri'pyr        *[ The Fae name is Aga Drul ]
Skin Essences = Mor'phyr    *[ The Fae name is Klik Klah ]
Bone Essences = Gryn'dyr   *[ The Fae name is Toh Fah ]
Soul Essences = De'thyr       *[ The Fae name is Draen Mog ]