Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fryy Grahkul

A Mythlander asks a question: What character is the most annoying to write about?
Top of my head answer: Fryy Grahkul but there are others.

Thratus has many children, but somehow Fryy is the first-born male. Fryy is whiny, spoiled, and powerful. Fryy appears overly dense to many, but he believes he is incredibly cunning.

Well, the readers of Mythlande: Between The Smoke and Flame discovered Fryy Grahkul in 2014, by reading the first book WHEN DOORWAYS OPEN. Fryy Grahkul is the unlikeable character. The prince of things most foul is everything an average person finds detestable. With the rank he possesses, underlings walk lightly around him. He always thinks about the destiny that can be, the title of the Roo Jha—because power is everything. Fryy is a Kha'lor, and the superiority complex is engrained into their D.N.A.  Fryy is the heir apparent to Thratus Grahkul, and he lets everyone know it.

Fryy uses the Tear Essences of the Mala Coire, he is in the Dri'pyr Naka. The Fae call the users of the malignant side of the Tear Essence the Aga Drul. He is a Klaw Kah Tah, very strong but does not have the aged magic experience that the elder Kha'lor possess. Fryy believes he is omnipotent and that others are wasting his breathable air. This overconfidence at the wrong time can be detrimental to a long life in Mythlande.