Sunday, May 12, 2019

Raen'jir Lin'kyr

The Lin'kyrs are magic-crafters of magical items that use the Mind Essences. The main things they create are Babble Stones and Zlip Stones. There are other objects as well that Lin'kyrs produce. Lin'kyrs that work as Raen'jirs are usually at Drua'keiyps or other extensive facilities. They rarely go out into the field. They are magic-crafters that also wear the Raen'jir badge. 

Lin'kyr Button
Lin'kyr Button
by mythlande
♦Babble Stones are one of the most sought after items in the illegal magic market. Babble Stone is the generic name for this magical item. Initially, when it was first created, it allowed different language users to understand and communicate with each other if they were near each other. Now, these items are much more than that. A Babble Stone can come with many more magic functions. Specific Babble Stones may be used for direct personalized communication across vast distances or allow a group of magic users to manipulate Coire Essences like a magnifying glass intensifies the sun's rays. Using the Babble Stone as an amplifier drains a magic user very quickly, caution must be used to prevent permanent damage or death. Many younger magic users use Babble Stones to connect with a best friend so they can play games when they are apart, a Babble Stone will also keep these mental sharings private.  These magical items can do other things as well depending on the skill of the Mind Essence magic-crafter. 
♦Zlip Stones are objects made from many materials and shapes. They can be crystals to metallic medallions. These items allow anyone, even non-magic users to instantly travel short distances to an exact pre-set location. The range is around five-hundred miles or less. Some can be used over and over, but most are for one time use and have to be reset by a Mind Essence user. Zlip Stones have to be activated, usually by tapping it with the right pattern.
These magic trinkets are usually turned into jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or ring.