Saturday, May 11, 2019

Raen'jir Skii'pyr

The Raen'jir Skii'pyr can open huge teleportation doorways or portals called Thre'shes. They are usually called upon when speed or large payloads have to be moved. They are fast and accurate. 

Skii'pyr Button
Skii'pyr Button
by mythlande
To be clear, Skii'pyrs work in many different organizations in the Six Realms of Mythlande.  Skii'pyrs that work as a Raen'jir have a very diverse skill package. They have to work under life and death circumstances if they can't submit when called upon that would be a disaster. Skii'pyrs are usually assigned to a region that has multiple Raen'jir Teams. They can act as a back-up to get a team or teams out of danger quickly. 
In Mythlande there are areas called Variant Lines. These lines affect how a magic user submits to the Coire, Skii'pyrs have a higher percentage of success in these areas. Variant Lines are also a favorite of the fae because their type of magic called Draiyla is heavily concentrated in these places. The fae cannot submit to the Coire directly, so they are attracted to areas where Coire [Hona and Mala] residues accumulate. 
Many Raen'jir Skii'pyrs move on to work directly for the Iryn Kei at Drua'keips to operate secure doorways that lead to-and-from the Third Realm [ Circolian Ring.]