A Mythlande Tale: Stand-Alone Books


Tei wants adventure and excitement but knows she is destined to be 'just' another Bu'blyr creating potions like her grandparents. Remember the destiny thing? It doesn't care about plans people make.

A boy finds a mysterious object after a storm, and with the help of his uncle and younger brother, they hope to score big salvaging a shipwreck. When things go wrong, Sheriff Wal investigates.

A Mythlande Tale: THE ELEVENTH TOKEN   Paperback & eBook

Sometimes shiny things should be left alone, especially if it is protected with dangerous magic spells. Luann is not your average thief, but she will need all her tricks and skill to survive this job.

Updated Feb 21, 2021
Note: This story is turning into a small series. We currently have over 800 pages of more story being written.