Saturday, May 30, 2020

A New Book Coming: Treasure Hunters

It has been a while since the last Mythlande post. We are working on another A Mythlande Tale: Treasure Hunters.

It should be out by next winter. 🤞 Over three hundred pages of a rough draft written so far!

Treasure Hunters is partly based on a short story I did several years ago called Treasure Hunters. This book should be read after A Mythlande Tale: The Eleventh Token. We will re-iterate that when the book comes out.

Mythlande is an exciting place to observe existence. Because existence means something matter what belief system we use. But are there variations of existence itself?

Can one existence system overlay another? In our Mythlande Science Fiction / Fantasy books, it has done this.  What we discover is that lives can live on—no matter where they may happen to exist. 

When is a simulation...a reality? When is reality...a simulation? They can be both if the ones in them are capable of cognitive thought.

Existence really does not care what we feel or believe. We are here in this moment only. What happened before and what may happen next is irrelevant in the scheme of eternity. We have memories, and only what we observe right now. If we plan, we try to make moments in the future better for ourselves and those we care about. 

Can any of us really know how our existence started? We can only speculate using scientific theories and religious philosophy. 

In the Mythlande books, the reader discovers that there are people that remember living in a previous existence and know they are living in a new one. Read the Mythlande books if you need something more profound than world-building with no plot or character development.

Thanks for being a Mythlander!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Be Well Mythlanders!

Hoping everyone is safe and doing fantastic in this craziest of times. Remember to stay on the positive will lead you to great things in your life. Thanks to everyone that reads our stories, it means the world to us. We currently have book one of the Second Series outlined and many chapters in the draft form...the Harpers are in for one hell of a ride! KG

Monday, February 17, 2020