Monday, November 18, 2019

Mythlande Expressions: Bihn Dahgg

Mythlande Expressions: Bihn Dahgg

Bihn Dahgg is an insult and means: Your/Their mother was a chamber pot.
This word is used to insult and basically implies someone is a piece of crap.

Example: Here comes that Bihn Dahgg again to tell us how it's done...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mythlande Expressions: Hraah

Mythlande Expressions: Hraah

Hraah is an insult and means Three-Day Old Spit.
This word is used to insult or describe something that is basically worthless and unneeded.

"Your opinion is Hraah"
"Our leader is as useful as a hissing pile of Hraah"

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mythlande Books coming out soon...


For this story, our Mythlande Tale is set in the Mortal Plains and is looking very exciting. A boy finds a mysterious object after a storm and with the help of his Uncle and little brother, they hope to score big salvaging a sunken ship. When things go wrong Sheriff Wal is called in.


This Mythlande Tale starts off in H'eart O'ctal, in Te'ir Huud. A young lady wants adventure and excitement but knows she is destined to be 'just' another Bu'blyr creating potions like her grandparents. Remember the destiny thing? It doesn't care about plans people make.


Great Mythlande Tale about a jewelry heist, set in the good ole USA. Sometimes shiny things should be left alone, especially if it is protected with dangerous magic spells. Luann is not your atypical thief though.