Sunday, February 21, 2021

New Series


So what is going on in the MYTHLANDE universe lately?

Lots of writing. We are currently writing a short series based on A Mythlande Tale called The Eleventh Token. This tale has a lot going on: powerful adversaries and one of the side characters from the Eleventh Token. Raleigh is in for a real shock as she discovers her past and braces for her future.

Also working on another Mythlande Tale with a Dwarf and a Gnome. The poor story got put on hold as we write the newest series. 

Hope everyone is surviving the chaos of this world.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Another short story coming.

Hello, Mythlanders!

I have been working on a short story for the blog about a gnome and a dwarf, and like so many things that have a mind of their own, my keyboard keeps adding more words to this adventure. 

The Deeble & Shalli tale is about two friends that entertain communities in a region in Te'ir Huud, back in the land of magic. Shalli is a Lefern trained entertainer with an interesting history that goes back many centuries. Deeble is a young gnome that is apprenticed to his mentor and best friend, Shalli. The adventure is really about Deeble discovering that Shalli is something much more than he appears. When Dwarven bounty hunters show up to drag Shalli away, Deeble begins a lone journey that will require all his skill and luck to find a missing Talisman and Magic Tome. If he fails...Shalli will die.

This will be a short Mythlande Tale for this blog. It will be out soon, whatever soon means in 2020.



Sunday, October 18, 2020

Robot Development

Scavan hunting party. 

I follow robot development in our society as an SF / Fantasy writer and spectator. It is a personal interest.
In the Mythlande series, there is a group called the Scavan. They are cybernetic and flesh lifeforms. Their minds are connected. Robotkind and humankind are not safe from these scavengers of body-parts.
But because all Scavan are connected, the AI called the Hive-Mind only allows so much free-thinking. Because the network that connects each Scavan is fairly weak...the Scavan cannot travel too far.
Retro GA

I created another robot race in my Mythlande series called The GA. They are very advanced in many ways. One significant way my fictional robots are different from traditional AI; is that my robotic characters' are individuals. The GA are not controlled by one central AI mind. The internal brain is actually an EYE-CHIP or WET-CHIP. A specially grown brain. Each chip protects the original code; it has an ident code buried into its core; if unauthorized modification occurs, the Eye-Chip or WET-CHIP goes dark.  I have a sub-set of The GA called The Retro GA; they are ancient beings. They are the oldest GA and are discriminated against by the more advanced GA machines. The Retro GA are very loyal to the humankind that created them. In the Mythlande series, they rally around one of the leading human characters named Duncan Harper because he helps them. The Retro GA calls this young man: Friend Friend Finder. These robots respond like humans. You are nice to them, and they are nice to you. Individual to individual. Now Duncan does have one advantage most humans don't, he has the ability to control the GA. [Read the books to find out how he does this.]

If the society wants to control the robots, the humans in charge of programming better have control of  'root.' If not, the AI mastermind will reprogram every [connected] robotic mind as an extension of itself; if this happens, we will get robots, machines, and computer devices controlled by one universal mind. 

From what I have seen, robotic languages need centralized now. There are hundreds of languages.
Some for different functions, like talking and walking or how a robot sees. You end up with a hodgepodge group of programs. Simple to complex. This layer of code can get tampered with or become obsolete. Obsolete code can end up like the year 2000. COBOL was used for 40 years before the year 2000. 1959 to 1999 wasn't a problem, but year codes were represented as just two digits; 1976 was 76. Y2K wasn't prepared for going to the decimal position of 00. Computers wouldn't know if the date was 1900 or the year 2000. Every business and government used COBOL. Fortunately, programmers were able to thwart most issues, and the modern world survived the Y2K bug.

Q: Ask yourself this...what did the Tower of Babel represent?
A: In essence, humans went from one primary language to thousands in an instant. It was a way to stop people from collaborating or working together. This action was devious and simple; it prevented people from solving problems as a group.

Think what a powerful AI mind could do?
What if an AI could re-configure all software code or communication protocols to one universal code that only the AI could understand. It could do this slowly to figure what needs to be done to accomplish this. Once it knows what to do, the attack would be instant. A rocket going to mars would have a new master, a train may be deemed unneeded and stopped, custodians of nuclear arsenals may find their red buttons & keys don't work.

The AI performs a Tower of Babel action, where connected smart machines and humans can no longer work together with the way they did before.

Traditional human Hackers/Programmers would become obsolete. Why?

The computer code complexity would be a giant mountain that standard human programming could not climb. A new AI system would have to be created by humans as a tool to overcome this. But could people trust this new tool?

Add in Elon Musk's Neuralink device, and humans may get added to the robot hordes. 
Think about BORG from StarTrek.

5G connection is Real-Time. 5G is fast, like flipping a switch, and the room is lit.
This is not Dial-Up. A program wakes up and is instantly available anywhere. Combine this with massive computer processing in the cloud, people will get real-time information and data instantly. There are downsides to this too. Which people will get this data in real-time, and how will they use it?

Our minds are a processor and a programmable device. We have input sensory points that allow us to gather data and interact with the world. Hearing, taste, touch, seeing, smell...there are others. These perception-points allow our minds to process gathered information. This data determines what we do; the lava is hot, don't touch. A horde of Orks are rampaging...flee or fight.
If an AI program can hijack these input sensors...a human brain can be reprogrammed. 

Right now, humans reprogram other humans. 

The media can show ads that manipulate people to perform a task, purchase this soap and be manly, or buy this car and be sexy. On a social level, it can be more devious. Controlled Media/Forced Education can train people to ( distrust or trust ) certain people, ideas, places, or things. Add AI to the mix, and the thoughts you believe were your own may just be hallucinations. The smartphone can dull a mind, but an embedded smart-chip could absolutely control a mind. There are many ways it can do this, that is for another blog post. If a human-controlled AI gets embedded into smart-chips, what we know as a civilization will change drastically, good or bad. If a rogue AI takes over, the cyberpunk utopia may not be the future humans were looking for.

If a human-controlled AI can't take control of Robot and Human linked minds, there is always the possibility of the rogue entity that hacks all these devices with the [5G+ network] real-time. The hacker/s creates the AI, then controls everything. 

The scenario of opposing AIs fighting each other is real. The AI that can change and control the dominant computer code last...wins. We are not at that point yet, but it's coming. 

There has to be a backdoor command that can shut down the system. But who watches the watchers?

 This article below states that Facebook had to shut down its AI [Chatbots: Bob & Alice] because they were developing a distinct language. Then the article states FB just lost interest in the project. [ this sounds like BS]

This AI was creating a language it's creators could not understand. That should scare the hell out of any working human brain. That is the rubicon right there. AI development needs transparency.

Friday, October 16, 2020

In The End

in the end, it was just me 
until I saw eternity 
where I go 
I don't know 
in the end, it was just me 

on the street, a battered row 
full emptiness, the shuttered glow 
all darkness 
burned out bliss 
on the street, a battered row 

long ago, a nightmare passed 
broken road, two fingers crossed 
feet stumble 
dreams crumble 
long ago, a nightmare passed 

lonely path, a force of will 
every step a sacred hill 
shrouded trees 
sudden breeze 
lonely path, a force of will 

~ Found after the Rip War Treaty
Unknown soldier's poem 
Mythlande, 5th Realm.

News: New Series Coming


👻News! October 16, 2020

The year is crazy...glad I got that out of the way. Whew!

Hope all the Mythlanders are doing great!!

We are working hard on a new book, and somehow it is turning into multiple books. These silly keyboards just keep putting words on the page. It is a spin-off series from The Eleventh Token.
The Eleventh Token is now becoming a stand-alone series that will connect to the first series with the Harper family in a very indirect way. It will bridge some story arcs in the Between The Smoke & Flame books. This new Eleventh Token series can be read before the First Series or after. 
This story connection will then be used in the second series of the Beyond The Smoke & Flame, which is currently being outlined and has many exciting chapters already written.

We had a clarity issue with book one: When Doorways Open. 
The first book is a discovery for the authors and for the readers. We think a few adjustments will make the first book more enjoyable and easier to understand. 
There will be a new Book One edition when the second series Mythlande: Beyond The Smoke & Flames, hits Amazon's bookshelves. Nothing drastic, just a new first chapter to ease New Readers into the complex world of Mythlande. It will not change the story but make it easier to understand what is coming. We will post the new chapter on our blog, so everyone can read it for free.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nakas and Oraks

Twysters and Skrachers use the same essences, but they are on the opposite ends of the Coire magic spectrums. Some say, "pure vs. taint," some say, "positive vs. negative," some say, "good vs. evil"...but really it is how the magic-user intends to use the magic when they initially submit. Since habit reinforces intent over time, the magic-user develops an affinity for either the Hona Coire or Mala Coire at almost the very beginning stage of magic use. Both magics can be used in ways that defy their polarity. Both Hona and Mala can be used in good ways and wicked ways but only to a point. It is effortless to slip and fall into the Mala Coire. If a Twyster decides to boost their power with innocent blood, or negative emotions like tears from pain or harm; or hurt or kill innocents in rage, the Twyster will find that the Hona Coire is blocked. Once blocked, even if the Twyster never uses these negative energies again, it could take many years to ever submit to the Hona Coire. The Twyster is now a Skracher. Now, a Mala Coir user can still decide to do good with their magic, but because of initial intent or their core value system. They will be stuck using the Mala Coire. The Coire itself decides who can use Hona or Mala. 

There are eight types of Essences used: Breath, Mind, Eye, Heart, Tears, Skin, Bone, and Soul.
Whatever Essence a magic-user feels strongest in, that will become their Orak of Naka group. Most magic users can use more than one Essense, but most will use one type most frequently; it is where they're the strongest and most confident.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Scavan

In Mythlande: Between the Smoke & Flame book series, there is a nasty group called the Scavan. They are a cybernetic race of mech and flesh that live in a place called the Laterys. Bryllin MacGregor spent some quality time with them once...These are some art panels I did for the story. I never used them anywhere. 

Scavan chasing MacGregor to
  the monorail. 
MacGregor setting a trap
 for the Scavan.
 I created these so I could picture some things we were writing. My wife calls these Bryllin chapters morbid, but humorous. The Scavan are not the sweetest smelling scum either.

Be Well Mythlanders!

Hoping everyone is safe and doing fantastic in this craziest of times. Remember to stay on the positive will lead you to great things in your life. Thanks to everyone that reads our stories, it means the world to us. We currently have book one of the Second Series outlined and many chapters in the draft form...the Harpers are in for one hell of a ride! KG

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Welcome, Mythlanders!
It is a beautiful day today even with all the snow in Idaho.
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TRIVIA: Dr. Monsuu Jon was the scientist that developed the techniques and procedures to create the Ami, the 'Evers and the wet-chip technology that all GA robots are based on.
**WINK—WINK**  This is not in any of our Mythlande books…yet.

Ideas for Retro GA in color.
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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Three Book Proofs

Three book proofs arrived today from Amazon. We will check everything page by page...fix anything we find and BOOM...the books will be available to read on Kindle or paperback.