Saturday, October 24, 2020

Another short story coming.

Hello, Mythlanders!

I have been working on a short story for the blog about a gnome and a dwarf, and like so many things that have a mind of their own, my keyboard keeps adding more words to this adventure. 

The Deeble & Shalli tale is about two friends that entertain communities in a region in Te'ir Huud, back in the land of magic. Shalli is a Lefern trained entertainer with an interesting history that goes back many centuries. Deeble is a young gnome that is apprenticed to his mentor and best friend, Shalli. The adventure is really about Deeble discovering that Shalli is something much more than he appears. When Dwarven bounty hunters show up to drag Shalli away, Deeble begins a lone journey that will require all his skill and luck to find a missing Talisman and Magic Tome. If he fails...Shalli will die.

This will be a short Mythlande Tale for this blog. It will be out soon, whatever soon means in 2020.