Friday, October 16, 2020

News: New Series Coming


👻News! October 16, 2020

The year is crazy...glad I got that out of the way. Whew!

Hope all the Mythlanders are doing great!!

We are working hard on a new book, and somehow it is turning into multiple books. These silly keyboards just keep putting words on the page. It is a spin-off series from The Eleventh Token.
The Eleventh Token is now becoming a stand-alone series that will connect to the first series with the Harper family in a very indirect way. It will bridge some story arcs in the Between The Smoke & Flame books. This new Eleventh Token series can be read before the First Series or after. 
This story connection will then be used in the second series of the Beyond The Smoke & Flame, which is currently being outlined and has many exciting chapters already written.

We had a clarity issue with book one: When Doorways Open. 
The first book is a discovery for the authors and for the readers. We think a few adjustments will make the first book more enjoyable and easier to understand. 
There will be a new Book One edition when the second series Mythlande: Beyond The Smoke & Flames, hits Amazon's bookshelves. Nothing drastic, just a new first chapter to ease New Readers into the complex world of Mythlande. It will not change the story but make it easier to understand what is coming. We will post the new chapter on our blog, so everyone can read it for free.