Mythlande Characters

Welcome Mythlander, welcome all—to the very magical and not so mundane place, we lovingly call Mythlande!

Where is this magical place . . . this, this Mythlande with all these interesting characters?

The Six Realms is as close as a wink my friend, and farther than a twinkling star. Each character you meet will leave you wanting more. Encounter the powerful Twysters and deadly Skrachers.

Vaal is a mythical hero in Mythlande, mostly due to a self-imposed exile. He is talked about in the Mythlande book series, but never actually seen. Good and evil magic users both know Vaal is ruthless to the cruel and possesses tremendous physical strength. He has formidable magical power along with his unyielding honor. Vaal is a rogue Twyster and kills evildoers anywhere he finds them, mainly with his bare hands and little pity. He is wanted by the Orakann [good magic users] and by the Nakaroo [bad magic users.] Good luck with that endeavor! The bounty hunters and assassins never seem to come back if they hunt Vaal.
This warrior is one of the ancient beings called the ArQai. His magic is the Bone Essence. This legendary hero is also a core element in various legends in Mythlandes history.

Buttons is a powerful Skracher that submits to the Mala Coire part of the Eye Essences. He uses hexes and can create devastating illusions. He is a Rymna, bright blue, flies, and has a tremendously strong tail. Buttons has been reduced to second-in-command of an assassination group he started called Deth's Hand. He hates humans, and his new boss is very human ... a dangerous and extremely erratic human—named Bryllin.

This magical place called Mythlande will not be short on unique characters … oh no, far from it Mythlander—From the smallest robots that burp oily goo, to a carved winged guardian with a fiery breath … to the special little round guy that somehow accomplishes big things, but these are just a few, a handful … a mere pittance! From the most powerful to the weakest—they are all here!

 Discover the folks that find their courage—when everything seems hopelessly lost. Find out why Gli'myrs are some of the toughest non-magical would ever want. Characters define Mythlande! Without these unique beings—Mythlande would just be another boring tale! Mythlanders (readers of our overly stretched tales) will want to inhale the adventures in their favorite reading nook undisturbed … preferably with the lights on! They will hope that Karma is justice and that creatures get the reward they so deserve … good and bad!

Our new series is out … and we are excited! Mythlande: Between the Smoke & Flame books 1 through 6. Well priced for such a priceless story. The Harpers are an amazing family and will discover many wondrous things about themselves and the world around them.