Mythlanders [ Fans of Mythlande ]

After the first book came out we decided that we would complete the whole series first, instead of here and there. The initial response was terrific for the first book. Our Beta-Readers gave it a we kept writing. Now, the first book is in the second edition and much larger. I think people will enjoy the updated version a lot better. Plus if they don't read it they won't know what the hellfire is going on in book two.

Beta Reader Copy of Book.  Picture taken by Waffles...Nice lady and likes our books.

Mythlander reading the good stuff.
Thanks, Robert for sharing from Northern Idaho!

Chris H at Arches National Park! Wow...Mythlander Awesomeness! June 2015 I think Chris deserves another prize for the double-shot of Mythlande Swag Support!

Chris H at Newspaper Rock Utah. June 2015 Chris is braving the heat to promote the Mythlande Story. Thank you, Chris! Newspaper Rock and Mythlande go together nicely. Mythlande Swag Support!