Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Salton Sea

Tentacles breaching the surface of the water...

In the Mythlande Series, a creature called the Slickt Z'hass is discovered in the Salton Sea. A type of otherworldly squid.

My oldest son hoping to go fishing at the Salton Sea. 

Writing does not come from thin air, the Mythlande story comes from experiences and interaction with daily living. A fictional story is about mixing what-ifs with what-is...fantasy and science fiction can not exist without the anchor points we call life.

In the early 1990s, our family went on a camping trip from San Diego. We wanted to see something different, and the Salton Sea definitely was. It is an adventure my family still talks about today. It was where camping expectations and life's reality met in the boxing ring, both slugging it out until it became a draw. This vacation slugfest left our minds muddled in the bleachers wondering what the hell just happened. How can everything look so beautiful...but at the same time—not be?

The water looks so refreshing in the distance, but up close...not so much. 
Parked on the eastern side of the Salton Sea. My youngest son on the car rack.
We visited the Salton Sea State Recreation Area to camp, and we were excited to do so.

We were expecting to breathe in the country fresh air, explore long busy beaches, splash in the cooling waters, fish for our dinner, enjoy the bonfires lighting up the night sky, and to share this experience with others at the large campground.

The Salton Sea's beaches were long and desolate. The water was overly tepid and steemed with creepy insects. We lost interest in fishing for anything that might live in the unsavory waters. We did enjoy our big solitary bonfire, it was awesome! We were alone, and no one else even ventured into the park. Being the only ones in the whole state park, that was quite cool. The place did have great maintained restrooms and showers when we were there. After it was all said and done, I enjoyed this experience. 

For us, the Salton Sea has so much potential; the palm trees swaying in the breeze, pelicans flying around the blue skies, the sand dunes shifting in the winds, and the beautiful stary nights that say we're not alone. Water is a needed requirement, and with large populations and farming needs, the Salton Sea is destined for extinction. It could be so much more, but without significant work and innovation to save this landscape, it will fade into history as 'the Salton Sea was cool once... .'

When I started writing MYTHLANDE: Between The Smoke & Flame book series, the Salton Sea became a part of the story. It was a place my characters needed to hide from the world. The Salton Sea is embedded in my psyche, like a car stranded in the desert hoping to be rescued...but the years roll by.

Here is what the 60's version of Salton City was. The only problem was water.

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Kit Gaumé