Saturday, December 28, 2019

Adventure is coming...2020

The last-minute work involved to get something published is quite the task...especially when it is just a hobby. We still work at our other jobs M-F, but love is a funny thing. We love Mythlande and the fans that have given us positive feedback. Melody and I enjoy what we do, creating characters and plot-twists. 2020 will be a turning point for us. We will be doing individual adventures in the Mythlande Universe. It has been fun so far. Three books are nearly ready. The first adventure should be out in January 2020.  The other two will follow quickly. We do write for ourselves— it entertains us. It is nice that Mythlanders are finding these stories worth reading as well. That means a lot.

The bear with wings in the drawing above has not been written about yet...but there may be an adventure in store for this gentle soul...

KG 12/28/2019