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Kha'lor Royals

The Khatindah or Emperor is Kroh Natag Grahkul.  He wears the Kha'lor crown, and his word means life or death to any below him.

The Roo Jha is Thratus Grahkul.
This is the banner for the Roo Jha. The Roo Jha is allowed to exist inside the Crown that the Khatindah holds. All Rohazi still must go through the Roo Jha. It is a commanding position.

The Kha'lor Royal line transcends the Six Realms existence. Their home planet and controlled space are called Rathe, and it was divided into 48 Kha's. These 48 Kha's are controlled by the most influential families. Very rarely does a lesser family move up, but it did happen.

Royals are the largest of their kind, and their appearance is the brightest red. This bright red sets them apart from all lesser Kha'lor.

Grahkul Dynasty is the last example of Kha'lor power-grabbing.

During the turmoil of the Sundering [Thousands of years before the Transformation occurred], the Grahkuls made their brutal move to consolidate power.

Each Kha line has a Royal leader called a Rohazi.

Kroh Natahg Grahkul destroyed the opposition with a brutal coup. His armies captured the leaders of each Kha (the Rohazi), then made them watch as they executed reluctant Rohazi. 

Nine Rohazi were executed before the rest were swayed to swear allegiance to the new Khatindah.

Khatindah Kroh is still the leader of the Kha'lor, even though the Roo Jha is given great flexibility. [The Khatindah can overturn a Roo Jha's order] 

When the Nakaroo Hordes were formed, the Nakaroo leader was chosen from the dominant users of the Mala Coire ( they also had to be Kha'lor ). 

Dragutin Grahkul is the strongest after Kroh Natag Grahkul, but due to a power play by Thratus during the Rip War, Thratus assumed command of all Mala Coire users and the title of Roo Jha. This title also became the title of the leader of the Nakaroo when it was formed. All Kha - Rohazis now answer to the Roo Jha. The 48 Kha'lor Families also have 48 regions in the Rathe O'ctal. Most districts are in a constant power struggle where the lesser nobles try to improve their lot. 

The Khatindah is now mostly a ceremonial position with very little power in the Nakaroo hierarchy but still can intervene in any Kha'lor dispute. So, in reality, Kroh still controls the Roo Jha if needed.

Power plays are always going on.

The Hati Council is made from the 48 Rohazis even today. 

This council is not associated with the  Nakaroo Hordes directly. They control the day to day existence of all Kha'lor. NOTE: Not all Kha'lor have Mala Coire ability. In fact, only the Royals themselves possess any magic knowledge. The Khrun have no capacity for magic - they are Skrachless. There are millions of Khrun per Royal. They are small in stature and are dark shades of red with hints of ash. They perform the menial task in society.
There are no women Royals, but Kha'lor ladies do hold very high status, though. None may be harmed directly by a male. The females have built-in chemicals in their bodies that can render a Kha'lor male comatose or dead instantly, no magic can thwart this. They may not have Mala Coire's ability, but they control the homelife. They also have powerful sexual chemistry that cannot be duplicated by anything else. The strongest Royal treads very lightly at home. 

There are 48 Khas and one Khatindah Area.

The 48 families have changed little in the last eight thousand years.  

There are strong coalitions that hold considerable sway over the Royals. The Roo Jha has to acknowledge his Father as the overall leader at Rathe homeworld ceremonies. Thratus rarely leaves Te'ir Huud.

Kroh Natag Grahkul - Khatindah (Emperor of all that fall under the Kha'lor domain, Mala Coire Magic-Users, and Non-Magic-Users)

Thratus Grahkul - Roo Jha ( Leader of all the Nakaroo: Mala Coire Magic-Users )

Hati Council - Kha order of power: The Khalor Royals

1st   Rohazi Gherook
2nd  Rohazi Fasyug
3rd   Rohazi Chagh
4th - Rohazi Kiietah
5th - Rohazi Jirphot
6th - Rohazi Darti Ohg
7th - Rohazi Mospoh
8th - Rohazi Grazupah

9th - Rohazi Wehhio
10th - Rohazi Xiphot
11th -  Rohazi Zurteed
12th - Rohazi Nuuih
13th - Rohazi Lophuto
14th - Rohazi Ofpho
15th - Rohazi Basdohg
16th - Rohazi Vohmatta

17th - Rohazi Chistoh
18th - Rohazi Rophat
19th - Rohazi Yiith
20th - Rohazi Yoorthida
21st - Rohazi Niinoord
22nd - Rohazi JaJhatha
23rd - Rohazi Vhuytih
24th - Rohazi Fhwet

25th - Rohazi Shrodhina
26th - Rohazi Klopajj
27th - Rohazi Derthuph
28th - Rohazi Slontha
29th - Rohazi Leercha
30th - Rohazi Bruchonuh
31st - Rohazi Kluddop
32nd - Rohazi Mrudhir

33rd - Rohazi Dehspekbul
34th - Rohazi Ruupahte
35th - Rohazi Opooth
36th - Rohazi Pochodt
37th - Rohazi Ghuidha
38th - Rohazi Joolk
39th - Rohazi  Lypch
40th - Rohazi Tinchh

41st - Rohazi Hjio
42nd - Rohazi Dredffa
43rd - Rohazi Uiophod
44th - Rohazi Padkul
45th - Rohazi Hohrinda
46th - Rohazi Bhuzaka
47th - Rohazi Khikul
48th - Rohazi  Havenahk

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