Thursday, May 16, 2019

Circolian Guard

The Circolian Guard home base is in the Third Realm or Circolian Ring, E'arth O'ctal onboard the Frohtin Zornalith [ a massive pyramidal shaped floating fortress-city ]

Circolian Guard Button
Circolian Guard Button
by mythlande
♦ The Circolian Guard play an important part in Mythlande even though they never seem to get the limelight or glory like the Raen'jirs or others in the Mobiis De'fendyrs. One large reason for that is that they are primarily a police force sent to patrol designated teleportation doorways that open into and out of the Third, Second, and First Realm. That said, that means their places of deployment are limited and interaction between the rest of Mythlande is rare even though they can be stationed anywhere.
♦ The Iryn Kei is the leader of the Circolian Guard and the official leader of all the AMI or Mind Essence users of the Hona Coire magic. His primary duties are protecting the access and egress points into the top three Realms. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Each doorway is called a Drua'anon or Thre'shold. Drua'anons are a combination of magic and high tech, but it does take a person that is skillful with the Mind Essences to open and close these portals or Thre'sholds. These individuals are called Drua'daeyn, they must be strong enough to open a doorway this large and at the same time be powerful enough to protect it from outside forces that may try to attack or take over the doorway. Most Drua'daeyn are Blade Masters or Eighth Blade. 
Most Drua'anons are located at a Drua'keiyp. Due to politics throughout Mythlande, there are many doorways that are located in Embassies, that being said, it means that there are unsavory types that can avoid the Circolian Guard scrutiny. This access loop-hole causes the Iryn Kei many security problems.
♦ The Circolian Guard Officer Corp is strictly for magic users, most use the Mind Essences. The Circolian Guard Enlisted are mostly non-magical or Bladeless.