Monday, May 20, 2019

The Orakann

♦ The Orakann is the seat of power for all Hona Coire magic users. This organization represents all the " Good Magic Users. "
♦ The Orakann is led by the Kann. The current Kann is Di'allonin. He is from the Soo'thyr Orak and uses the Breath Essences. Di'allonin is a Blade Master which means he is very strong and is considered an Eighth Blade. All the Kanns that have ever served are ArQai which have human attributes and wings.
♦ The Orakann Sigil has many symbols within it. In the center of the sword is an eye. This 'Eye' is the Sigil for the Kann. Eight curved Blades or Oraks surround the 'Eye', the curved Blades represent the number of Essences that Twysters use. On the outer rim of the shield are Eight symbols these are the Eight types of Essences used by magic users. On the butt of the hilt, the symbol is for the Hona Coire. On the sword tips, there is a diamond design, this represents the four sides of magic that users try to improve on when creating a Twyst or spell. [ Power, Mental, Speed, Health ]

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The Orakann Button
The Orakann Button
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