Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Iryn Kei

The sigil for the Iryn Kei. The Iryn Kei controls access into the Third Realm. The reason why is that this Realm is the only place most travelers in Mythlande can cross into other O'ctals.There are Eight O'ctals in the Six Realms, so securing entry and exit points is an essential and neverending job.

Iryn Kei Button
Iryn Kei Button
by mythlande
The Iryn Kei is the title given to the one that leads the Circolian Guard. The current Iryn Kei is Serge Torr. Serge has many duties, the primary task is protecting the magical doorways into and out of the Circolian Ring. He is also the leader of all the human AMI. All human AMI can use the Mind Essences found in the Hona Coire. You can read more about the Circolian Guard, here.