Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hona Coire Breath Essences

Hona Coire Breath Essences.
The Orakann calls anyone that can submit to the Hona Coire Breath Essences a Soo'thyr. The Fae call magic users that submit to the Hona Coire Breath Essences a Fa'Jhar Brii. Another term Hona Coire magic users will use is something called Blades. All Hona Coire Essences are considered Blades of power that can be Twysted together to form a Twyst or spell. Hona Coire magic users are also called Twysters. There are many variations of Soo'thyr Twysts.

Soo'thyrs: Any magic user observing a Soo'thyr performing magic will see bright blue colors and tendrils wrapped around their hands  These magic users are the masters of breath - air - gas - smoke - sound - words of power [speech]. In an instant, they can create a windstorm, remove oxygen, create a toxic gas, can sense what is in the wind, use words as a magic attack - Stop! Fire! Sleep! Die! ...and so forth. This ability also requires a certain amount of strength as well. A Blade Master saying 'words of power' does more than say a First or Second Blade Soo'thyr and so on.
Bli'syr: These are Soo'thyrs that create items of power. It is a tedious skill, so many Soo'thyrs never study or learn what is required to make Objx. Some of the most powerful Objxs are created by weaker Soo'thyrs. Objxs [pronounced objects] contain powerful microscopic fae called Sprouts. All fae or monster-kind want the connection to Essences but cannot directly access it. They can only use the Draiyla or [residue] of the Hona Coire Essences. The most powerful Draiyla user is still no match for the most powerful Hona Coir user. An Objx allows the Sprout fae a constant source of Draiyla. An Objx may be a box, a whistle, a musical instrument, a pipe, or decorative ornament. The Bli'syr will determine the use of the magical item and the Sprouts will carry out the task as needed. Objx can amplify a skill. The Soo'thyr may light a pipe [objx] and the smoke will find what the Soo'thyr is looking for...it could be a thing, person, place or even a clue.
A Soo'thyr may use other essences. But are considered Soo'thyrs because that is their strongest skill.
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