Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mala Coire Breath Essences

The Nakaroo calls anyone that can submit to the Mala Coire Breath Essences a Rai'jyr. The Fae call magic users that submit to the Mala Coire Breath Essences a Tross Tah. Another term Mala Coire magic users will use is something called Klaws. All Mala Coire Essences are considered Klaws of power that can be Skrached together to form a Skrach or spell. Mala Coire magic users are also called Skrachers. There are many variations of Rai'jyr Skraches. 

Rai'jyr Button
Rai'jyr Button
by mythlande
Rai'jyr: The Mala Coire Breath Essences when visible will be seen as dark blue energy with flecks of black. The Rai'jyr can use breath - air - gas - smoke - winds. A strong Rai'jyr can turn air to poison, solidify the air itself, create a maelstrom, manipulate what gas is remove oxygen from a room or add oxygen to fire. They use words of power...chants, songs or individual words can become powerful Skraches [spells] in an instant.  Rai'jyrs that can sing well also tend to use words of power a lot. Single words like Die or Run when uttered to a foe can be devastating. Mala and Hona Coire Breath users can create virtually the same spells.
Hahkerz: Rai'jyrs that can make magical items are called Hahkerz. The Hahkerz capture Ghraur Fairies to do their bidding. They are kept in metal vials called Hahkz. Ghraurs are active in the Breath Draiyla but are dangerous to hold. They have been known to tear apart a Rai'jyr that was not strong enough to command them. Ghraurs like to eat garbage and other unpleasant leftovers. Ghraurs have a very unpleasant odor.